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Aix Beige
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Aix Beige Insitu
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Aix Beige
Aix Beige 1

Aix Beige — Atlas Concorde

price from $82.00 m²


A collection that recalls the original flooring of 18th-century French villas, a perfect symbiosis between architecture and nature. The stones are the inspiration for a collection of porcelain floor tiles and white body wall tiles that reproduce an irregular and uneven surface criss-crossed with stains and shading that show the passage of time, the centuries-old wear of foot traffic, chiseling and grooves. A style with two souls: Aix combines the Mediterranean spirit and the Mid-European soul for a complete harmony of spaces and for multiple design possibilities, both indoors and out. Aix is available in two colour ranges, featuring warm colours linked to traditional Mediterranean villas, Provence farms and residences immersed in the nature of the South, and cooler shades that evoke atmospheres of Central Europe and ancient residences located in France, Belgium, Germany, and Great Britain.

  • Finish

    Matte and external

  • Application

    Indoor, walls, floors and outdoor

  • Technical

    Rectified, slip rating r10 and slip rating r11

  • Available Sizes

    375×750, 750×750, 750×1500, 1200×1200

  • Available Colours

  • Notes

    Not all colours/finishes available in all sizes - pricing may vary between finishes – please contact us for stock availability.
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